Frequency Asked Questions


How is a 3D Model from HH360VR  different from a typical panoramic photo or a Virtual Tour? 

A panoramic photo depicts a space from one fixed viewpoint and lets you turn left or right.  Our 3D Model and Tour has “immersive” technology and that allows you to “walk” through the space to experience it as if you were there.  You have the ability to pause and move at your own pace.


How is a 3D Model and Tour created?

The special 3D Camera is placed in multiple positions throughout the space.  In each position, the camera rotates with its built-in motor to gather data in 360 degrees.  An iPad is used as a remote control for the camera and to store the scan data to be uploaded later.  The camera has a built-in Wi-Fi network for the iPad to connect to.  Later, the iPad is connected to the internet to upload the data to the server for processing.  The process normally takes up to 48 Hours for you to receive your Model.  That Model can then be shared online with a web link, or embedded in a website.


Where can I view and manage my 3D Models, tours and Floor Plans?

You can view and share your 3D models, Tours and 3D models anytime in exclusive webpages that are included in your package. You can also embed the actual 3D models, tours and floorplans in any website or email using the HTML code that will be provided to you within 48 hrs. of the scan.


How long will you be in my property to do all the scan shots?

Each position of the camera takes a 360 degree photo of the area. A typical home of 2000 square feet or less will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Time varies depending on different factors (furnished or unfurnished, lightning, stairs, layout, etc.)


Can I place the 3D Tour and Model on my own website?

Upon completion within 48 hours of the scan shot, you will receive the html code.  At that point, you can place it anywhere on your website by just copying and pasting the code in the correct location with your website editor.  You may need to contact your web master for clarification on how to add basic html code. It is similar to embedding a YouTube Video.


Can I scan outdoors?

The 3D Camera is ideally used indoors but has the ability to scan outdoors in 2D (not 3D).  However, we have additional options for drone footage.*


How is a detached garage pictured in a floor plan?

The technology is designed to scan integrally attached structures and deliver a fully immersive 3D Model. Detached structures are not included in the scans and will not be rendered in the actual 3D Model or 2D Floor plan, If you need to include detached structures into your model please contact us and inform of your requirement in advance. We will do our best to satisfy your requirements.


Applies To Realtors:
Cutting edge technology is usually very expensive how much does it cost to have a 3D Model and tour for my listing?

Cutting edge technology impresses potential sellers and attracts more buyers. Our 3D tours and models have the capability of increasing the pool of potential buyers and for Realtors the chance to sign more listings at a very affordable price. Packages start at $.10 cent per sq. foot and our packages include a photo accurate 2D floor plan, an MLS compliant webpage, a listing webpage with your contact information, free hosting for 120 days** and much more. Please visit our prices investment page for a full Pricing Guide For more accurate pricing of your home or listing, click contact us.


Which browsers are compatible with the 3D Model and Tour?

Our 3D Models and Tours use WebGL, the modern standard for 3D content viewed on the web. On desktop computers, WebGL is supported by the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. On mobile devices, WebGL is supported by Safari for iOS 8 and Chrome for Android. For connectivity and ease of use we recommend the tours to be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer. Please note that some browsers do not have WebGL capabilities.


* DISCLAIMER The nature of 3D scanning is such that environments of harsh or reflected/refracted light (i.e. mirrors or ambient light) may cause deficiencies within the overall 3D modeling. We do our best to rectify these issues on-site, but sections of the model may not be completed due to unforeseeable circumstance with lighting conditions at the time of our appointment.

** DISCLAIMER: 120 days of free hosting of 3D Virtual Walk Through, and webpages is provided. Thereafter, there will be a monthly hosting fee of $19.95 cancellable at any time. The photography is realistic and does not allow to “touch up” photos as they are taken.

*** DISCLAIMER: Detached structures are not included. If you need a detached structure such as garages, guest houses, green houses etc, to be scanned please let us know in advance of your requirement

**** DISCLAIMER: All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed